'The Snare'

Рэжысёры Sarah Ellen Lundy

Сцэнарысты Sarah Ellen Lundy

Прадзюсары Sarah Ellen Lundy


Працягласць 00:03:11

Краіна Ірландыя


'The Snare', audio-visual experimental vignette by my project ɗʉɭʈhttps://vimeo.com/154514897 “At once both hymnal and heinous, 'The Snare' is a vocal-only recording depicting the sacred/savage binary of nature. A common motive in rural life, snares are used to trap feral beasts. Inspired by first hand experience of this act and subsequently Sylvia Plaths poem 'The Rabbit Catcher' the track spits, wails and chokes itself in euphoric entrapment, echoing the 'woman-gone-wrong' undertones of previous work and the wild warblings of druidic glossolalia.”[NOVA 2016]“The circle/cycle motif, the audio/visual installation entitled 'The Snare', depicts in an early cinema aesthetic of broken black and grey imagery, depicting a series of images morphing into each other around a centraldark void,; the slug morphs to the beetle morphs to the moth morphs to the arms of a clocks and repeats in reverse ending with the same opening image of a long instrument piercing petri-esque shapes. Theaccompanying audio is a vocal recording of garbled female voice from my dark ambient audio project ɗʉɭʈ. It references the matriarchal aspect of the notion of 'mother' nature, conjuring connotations of the wise-woman,the witch, and mother nature despairing at the state of her wombs world. The audio permeates the other rooms of the exhibition, a haunting wail that creeps around the other installations bestowing upon them the intended context of strangled and suffocated nature.”[VAI 2018]