MILA (dir. Vakalios)

Рэжысёры Andreas Vakalios

Сцэнарысты Andreas Vakalios

Прадзюсары Phaedra Vokali, Andreas Vakalios, Fili Olsefski

Жанр Drama, Society, Fiction, Family, Youth, Women, Health

Працягласць 00:14:50

Краіна Грэцыя


Based on a true story, "Mila" is a "polaroid picture" of a daughter's and a father's last encounter at the hospital. She is a twenty year old girl who likes to skate and who hates talking to her mom. He is a forty-five year old hospitalised alcoholic life artist. They haven't spoken or seen each other for years. Their encounter at the hospital might change everything. Or, it might not. The film was shot on location in a working hospital with natural light bounced into the hospital rooms with the use of DIY stands and mirrors.