The Rising

Рэжысёры Deepa Adhikari

Сцэнарысты Deepa Adhikari

Прадзюсары Mritunjay Kumar


Працягласць 00:20:24

Краіна Індыя


The tracts of India that face the acutest developmental challenges, and, at the same time, bear the greatest burden of the country’s aggressive developmental excesses, are regions where its indigenous people live. The reason: Not just in India, the world over, indigenous communities live in geographies that are extremely rich in minerals, fossil fuels, forests and water resources; they have protected Nature for centuries. Unsurprisingly, corporate and governmental interests clash with their rights to their lands and resources.Indigenous people form 8.6% of India’s total population, about 104 million people. They comprise of 645 distinct tribes and hundreds of sub-tribes, with unique histories, cultures, languages, traditions, livelihoods, and lifestyles. Their concerns are common: Displacement, destruction of natural resources for ‘development’, economic marginalization, acute underdevelopment, intellectual alienation, and victimization by forces of insurgencies.It was therefore interesting for us that a steel conglomerate, Tata Steel Limited, that operates in the heart of tribal India, with huge interests in mines and minerals, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility spend (now a mandate for large companies under the law), created something unique in 2014: Samvaad (The Dialogue) — an all-India annual tribal conclave. Samvaad enables the creation of a pan-Indian tribal identity, crucial because the tribes are hugely fragmented by tough and remote geographies. It gives voice to this enfeebled community and empowers them to fight for its rights. Even though most voices at Samvaad continue to be anti-corporate and anti-government, Tata Steel has stayed with the cause, in the belief that checks and balances are an integral part of democracy. We bring you, through this film, representative voices of thousands of tribal people belonging to over 100 tribal groups who came together in the 2017 edition — to workshop, brainstorm, learn from and interact with change-makers, and train in social, entrepreneurial and professional leadership. Aboriginal groups from Canada, Australia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya also participated. The display of tribal ideas and culture at Samvaad is a proclamation of identity, a call for rights to land ownership and self-governance, and an assertion of the richness of knowledge and life systems, which are based on kindness and moderation in relation to all sentient beings and Nature.