Pale Blue Dot

Рэжысёры Bobby Yothers

Сцэнарысты Bobby Yothers, Merel Moistra


Жанр Musical, Drama

Працягласць 00:16:00

Краіна Нідэрланды


- An Amsterdam sex worker finds her voice and discovers that her true identity is Mother Nature -In the classic tradition of 'The Wizard of Oz,' 'Pale Blue Dot' has a framing story which takes place in the real world of old Amsterdam center. Lilith, a red-light worker, Boho, a high-strung entrepreneur, and the sketchy, Don the butcher, all go about their daily lives oblivious to one another until one day they nearly come to blows over a misunderstanding. Time stops and all three are transported into the magical world of the music video where they sing out their differences. Their lives are forever changed and with the experience ours will be too...