Blue Queen

Рэжысёры Sarah AL ATASSI

Сцэнарысты Médéric DE WATTEVILLE

Прадзюсары Francesca ETTORRE, Clemence CREPIN NEEL

Жанр Drama, Thriller, Film Noir, Urban, Hip-Hop, Revenge

Працягласць 00:07:52

Краіна Францыя


Nina, young waitress, works at a Bar Tobacco Shop in a suburb in the outskirts of Paris. Her boss, Georges, refuses to pay her and has no consideration for her or, if he has, it’s not good. But Nina intends to reclaim her wages. At nightfall, thanks to the help of her partner-in-crime Kevin, a failure with a big heart, she decides to rob the Bar: they take Georges hostage and get Nina’s pay back. And if it were you, how far would you go to save you honor?