Рэжысёры Giulia Merenda

Сцэнарысты Giulia Merenda , Barbara Folchitto , Giulia Troiano


Жанр Drama

Працягласць 00:14:00

Краіна Італія


This is a story about the body. Altera has had her uterus removed due to a tumour and does not know if she will get better. Lucente is pregnant but does not know whose child it is and has to have an abortion. They meet on a beach, among the thousand lights of Riccione. These two women, from two different worlds, but with a lot of ground in common, made up of not only suffering and fear, but also of joy and vitality. An excessive, tragicomic, intimate mutual assistance is triggered between these two extremely different and conflicting personalities, this is expressed best at night, in the discotheque. The two dance and talk. Their roles demand cheerfulness but their reality is painful.