People Scavenger

Рэжысёры Mirela Kruel

Сцэнарысты Mirela Kruel

Прадзюсары Mirela Kruel


Працягласць 00:18:18

Краіна Бразілія


People Scavenger is Maria Tugira Cardoso. For 30 years the character of the movie dedicates her life to collecting garbage. First in the city of Uruguaiana dimply into the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, then as a coordinator of a recycling shed in the same city. The movie, through a touching testimony, exposes the ideas of life, prejudice and the hard trajectory of this woman, such as many other women collectors in Brazil. With her lucid talk about life and its complexities, Tugira tells her story and proposes to the viewer a deep reflection on social inequalities of Brazil.