Рэжысёры Marco Mingolla

Сцэнарысты Alessandra Pieroni

Прадзюсары Roma Film Academy, Collettivo Cattive Produzioni


Працягласць 00:13:58

Краіна Італія


Barbara was a showgirl, one of the “Little-Butterflies”, of a 90s italian iconic tv show, inspired by Non è La Rai by Gianni Boncompagni. Nowadays, she's just an ordinary person. She was fired from the tv studios because of a public blunder in 1992. Since that day, Barbara has been trying to resurrect her fame, clearly very unsuccessfully. Suddenly she gets a call: a new reality show is looking for VIP from the past.. Barbara finds out than she will be just a puppet for the new television show. In order to have the spotlights back on her even, Barbara accepts to be human consumption