Dark Deco

Рэжысёры Matt Deblinger

Сцэнарысты Matt Deblinger, Jose Duran

Прадзюсары Michelle Deblinger, Matt Deblinger, Nicholas Orris

Жанр Drama, Sci-Fi, domestic drama, domestic, technology, addiction, cerebral, hypnotic

Працягласць 00:12:00

Краіна Злучаныя Штаты


Ben Faust is addicted to the Deco, a mysterious VR device that allows its users to connect with loved ones from their past. As a result, Ben has become estranged from his girlfriend, Candace, whose family is mourning a loss of their own. When the disconnected couple visits Candace's family for a home-cooked dinner, they quickly discover that Ben is not the only one who is consumed by this new technology.