Violence will not silence the people

Рэжысёры Pedro Fidalgo

Сцэнарысты Pedro Fidalgo

Прадзюсары Pedro Fidalgo


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The feeling of abandonment of part of the country has made the people grow suspicious of institutions and the questioning of fiscal policy. Yellow Vests call for economic blockades and demonstrations. Since this movement is neither structured nor centralized, its demands reflect very diverse aspirations. Slogans are often written on the back of yellow vests, but also on placards or tags. The most shared claim is probably the resignation of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. Despite the monstrous repression that has fallen on the Yellow Vests, making thousands of wounded and some deaths, many "acts" of contestations are started assiduously for several months, weeks of struggle dug by a deep social disconfort.