Directors Takayuki Yoshida


Producers Takayuki Yoshida

Genre children

Duration 00:15:00

Country Japan


There is a white large round stone in the green garden somewhere in Japan. It is an abstract sculpture made from a marble stone and children are climbing up and playing on its top. This film was made inspired by a word of French film critic, André Bazin, who once said: “the artist who works spontaneously for children has attained a quality of universality”, which is quoted in the beginning of the work. This film is organized by only four long shots that are totally same composition and same angle. The first shot that is appeared in color is inserted one more in black and white as the last shot. By doing such an experimental attempt, it expresses the repetition and circularity of the time in documentary expression. It was also made in order to investigate the possibility of aesthetic coexistence between cinema and other arts, by taking the case of sculpture, which was discussed by André Bazin.