Duration 00:10:51

Country Russian Federation


Soviet press and radio constantly inform readers and listeners about country`s victories in Communism construction. Some people are indifferent to it, some still believe in God, some dream of saving lots of money. At first the boy chooses the easiest way. He asks his people for pocket money and wants to keep it. But they refuse him all the time. At late dinner the family come to conclusion that children don`t need money, moreover it`s not good for the boy.Finally the boy reaches the goal because he knows weak points of his people. Granddad gives him a rouble because he wants the boy to forget what he said in the heat of the moment.Mom gives him little money because she wants to find out who taught the boy some bad words. She`s glad that they concern her mother-in-law. Granny is happy when the boy reads prayers and she gives him some money for that... Dad who is mainly indifferent to family problems spends a lot of time in an armchair reading newspapers. The boy simply asks him to change little money to a banknote though sums are different, so he gets more than he had before.Granny goes to the kitchen and continues to make breakfast, Granddad goes there too, he wants to justify himself. Stormy conversation follows, the old find out views. Meanwhile the grandson is in his room where gets a box with his money out from a secret place. He takes notes one by one, lovingly smooths each and recalculates. It`s obsession.