Nothing but the pipes

Directors Kristina Sidorova

Writers Georgiy Menshikov

Producers Artem Aleksashin


Duration 00:24:32

Country Russian Federation


Lena is a student; she arrives at the provincial town for the weekend to see her grandmother, to meet old friends. Friends who are stuck forever in their hometown. One of them is quite pleased with his existence, the other is the opposite, and the third one is just very happy to see Lena and does not want her to leave. But what can he do? They gather at their favorite place - on the heating pipes- they drink. Kolya is in love with Lena, he walks her home, stays with her for the night. In the morning, Lena asks him not to go with her to the station. Kolya returns to the pipes, to friends. And among the familiar cozy and dull landscape, he realizes that everything can be replayed, you can try to keep Lena or to go to another city with her. But the train has already - literally - gone.