Mutavva (Morality Police)

Directors Berk Sata, Mert Sata

Writers Berk Sata, Mert Sata

Producers Berk Sata, Mert Sata, Süleyman Sata


Duration 00:17:06

Country Turkey


Adil is in his 40’S, Loyal to his religious life and has a conservatıve personality. He works as a dry cleaner, shares his apartment with his brother Özgür who studies in a university and financially supports his brother. One day he finds out his brother is an LGBT Person. He feels hate –whitch is based on his taboos and dogmatic principles- For his brother right away. As the time goes by he feels the aproach of that hate in is subconcious but he can not disclose it. After a while that literally turns into a sickness inside of him, he can’t take it and all of his feelings to his brother become nonsense. One day he sees a message on his brother’s phone and he suspects. He decides to face his brother and goes home. He runs into a happening that can destroy him. Then He cleans the taboos of his domatic life by becoming a MUTAVVA.