A Treasure Hunt





Duration 00:05:26

Country United States


The story takes place in a wealthy and quiet Boston neighborhood, where the protagonist, a 30 years old office worker, lives by himself in a tiny one bedroom apartment. Upon returning from work one evening, the main character notices a book he hasn’t yet read; it is a treasure hunt book containing clues to several treasures, one of which it is said, is buried in Boston. As the movie progresses, we meet the protagonist’s girlfriend Alexa, or rather we learn of her existence via the notes, voicemails and text messages that she leaves for her boyfriend.What started as an innocuous pastime takes over the protagonist’s everyday life, and as he is slowly consumed by the quest, he eventually compromises the relationship with his partner.Absorbed by obsession, the end of a relationship seems to barely register in the protagonist’s mind who chooses to pursue the hunt, following the latest clue he has uncovered in the book.