The Last Teacher

Directors Alen Rakhmetaliyev

Writers Alen Rakhmetaliyev

Producers Anara Kashaganova

Genre Drama

Duration 17:40

Country Kazakhstan


In class during a test, one of the class bullies ignores the exam and shows the video on the phone to his friend. In the video, the same bully beats a guy. The protagonist of the film teacher, Yerzhan Kaydarovich, comes into conflict with the bully, Erbol, in consequence of which offends the boy, hurting him for his sore subject. During a conflict in the class, the head teacher of the school comes in and asks Yerzhan Kadarovich to go to his teacher’s room. In the staff room, Yerzhan Kaidarovich finds a beaten pupil, his son Aydar, the same boy who was beaten on video. Yerzhan Kaidarovich is trying to reassure his son, although he himself is no less frightened by the situation. The end of the school day. Evening. Yerzhan Kaydarovich together with his son Aydar go from school to the car, but around the parking lot Erbol together with his gang is waiting for them. The teacher is hiding in the car and trying to start it. Erbol surrounding the car does not give a chance to get father and son. Aydar asks his father to step out and intercede for himself and his property, but Yerzhan Kaidarovich is confused and frightened. Erbol crossing all the limits of decency, begins to kick the car provoking the teacher. Looking over himself, worrying and fearing Yerzhan Kaidarovich gets out of the car and gets hit in the face and falls to the ground. At that moment the crowd fell silent. Erbol stood up over Yerzhan Kaydarovich and threatened him when he received a blow to the head with a wrench from Aidar’s son. A crowd of guys, frightened along with Erbol, scatter in different directions. The car remains humiliated Yerzhan Kaydarovich and his son. Both sat in the car leaving school.