Directors Pravin asthana

Writers Vaibhav mavale

Producers Milind jain


Duration 00:20:00

Country India


Shami is a story of a girl, Her father is farmers struggling with the climate to save his filds and crop. The weather fails him and his is forced to small jobs but with the low income he is unable to pay the school fees of his children he chooses to pay the fees of his son and refuses the right the education to his daughter. The daughter is in pain but his unble to do any thing. Later she comes to know that most of the farmers commit suicide because of powerty. She fears that her father mite also commit suicide by hanging himself on the tree in their field so she decides to cut the tree and prevend her father from committing suicide. The father realized his mistake by seeing the love for himself and agrees to educate both the children come whatmay.