Directors Lilit Petrosyan




Duration 19:31:00

Country Armenia


The main actor in the movie is a 41-year-old former Mongolian singer Bayina. She got married to an Armenian man in Mongolia and moved to Antaramej, to one of the farthest villages in Armenia. Her husband passed away two years ago and now she lives with her two children. Her relatives in Mongolia are trying to convince her to move to Mongolia but she doesn't want to leave from Armenia. Bayina used to be an opera singer before, now she does masculine jobs in order to take care of her two minor children.Through this film I tried to show, it may happen in life when being once an opera singer, a woman can one 'beautiful' day become a farmer in order to take care of her children. The movie is about love, for which Bayina came and continues to live in Armenia. She has only one goal - to fulfill the dreams of her children. The children, in their turn, always help their mother.