Режиссёры Pavel Dolotov

Сценаристы Pavel Dolotov

Продюсеры Pavel Dolotov

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:19:58

Страна Россия


Actor Andrew has to moonlight as a collector to provide his daughter in hospital with the necessary treatment. He is the best in his office, as he skillfully mimics the toughest gangster models and, while living in a role, calls customers and intimidates them with violence, using his talent so that they really believe the threats. After working as a collector, he goes to another part-time job, this time by Santa Claus, as the time is New Year's Eve. In one of the apartments, a girl tells a poem to Santa Claus, when real collectors enter the apartment through the door which was left open. Andrew has to make a choice, facing the cruelty which he was a part of a few hours ago.