The Songs

Режиссеры Giovanni Rosa

Сценаристы Giovanni Rosa

Продюсеры Rocco Pascale


Продолжительность 01:10:00



Sperone district, Palermo, Italy.In the hot summer of the city there are live concerts in the streets, karaoke contests and neighborhood parties starring the Neapolitan singers of neomelodic music.Always present at every event, the family Maniscalco daydreams of a future as an artist for their little son Vincenzo.Six years old, the child seems to have already clear his own future and performs on stage imitating the movements of his music idol Mimmo Fini. "The Songs – Le Canzoni" is a story of easy dreams and naive illusions, where bitterness and hope are mixed in a whirlwind journey in the extreme suburb of Palermo, where the desire for redemption of an entire family is substantiated in the voice of a clumsy child and his only song: "I fell in love".