Режиссеры Ankur Maan

Сценаристы Utkarshini Vashishtha

Продюсеры Ankur Maan, Simran Juneja, Ravindra Singh Bhouriyal


Продолжительность 00:20:51

Страна Индия


The film deals with the insecurity of a lower class and powerless ‘rikshawpuller’ man who is father to a deaf and dumb, innocent and lovely girl child. The father, Jamal, has his daily struggles divided between two spaces, one being his underpaid livelihood which is hard to earn and another being his constant fear for his daughter who innocently and moves freely in a vulnerable and criminal oriented rural feudal society, where kidnappings and suspicious vanishing of children is an expected occurrence. The girl’s being inability to express and communicate her feeling orchestrates the drama and tension, as she is always unable to tell her address and whereabouts whenever she gets lost while strolling around in her dreamy world. As a result, the neighbours, police administration and shopkeepers who are aware of Tinki and Jamal always end up escorting her to the house and blaming her father for being careless. This adds to Jamal’s frustration and fears for Tinki who, with his loving and caring mother, desperately wants Tinki to be safe and secure and become literate in a respected manner. Sending her to an orphanage of differently abled children is the only solution left to Jamal, and he takes it up even after getting strong opposition from his mother who cannot bear separation from Tinki. Tinki is sent to the orphanage and Jamal is left alone in the loving memories of her and surprisingly, she vanishes from the orphanage too. Jamal looks tirelessly everywhere but there is no trace of her. He finally finds her at home. He embraces her and sheds tears of love for his daughter who innocently keeps smiling unable to understand the complexity of her father’s emotion and dilemmas he is going through regarding her.