Health Is Wealth





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I am a doctor. I spent the last two decades doing researches trying to find new drugs that may eliminate diabetes once and forever. A good reason pushed me to do so. Many years ago, I got in a supermarket in the neighborhood and coincidently found the same kind of sweets I used to eat when I was a kid, I thought they were extinct long time ago, but they were there in front of me on the cashier table. I grabbed one, put it in my mouth, closed my eyes and my memory led me to the beautiful days of my childhood. The next day I returned to the supermarket for the same purpose, to remember my childhood again. Gradually I became an addict to these sweets as their taste took me back in time straight to my childhood. I enjoyed every moment of my childhood as being happy, healthy and full of energy.One day, I was in the supermarket as usual to practice my addiction, I headed to the cashier table, took a piece of sweet, closed my eyes, started my childhood dreams while chewing the sweet. There was a boy standing next to me at the cashier table, he was looking at me. I offered him a piece, telling him it's free. He didn't take it. I thought he might be shy so I put the piece close to his mouth. I asked him to open his mouth. "come on, sweetie! It is very delicious". I will never forget his eyes, staring at that piece, till the cashier delivered him a can of sugar substitute written on it 'DIABETICS ONLY'.The child left and never looked back to me, but he taught me that health is a crown upon healthy people's heads that no one but patients can see.