FAELDER - UNHEILBAR (dir. Buchheim, Pfohl)

Режиссёры Andreas Pfohl, Fariba Buchheim

Сценаристы Timo Baer, Andreas Pfohl, Fariba Buchheim

Продюсеры Daniel Rohm, Andreas Pfohl, Fariba Buchheim


Продолжительность 00:15:22

Страна Германия


TOM has to free ALICE from the clutches of a PRIEST and his Virtual Reality Sect. They flee across lakes and mountains to a secluded hut where they feel safe. But peace does not last long. Still under the influence of the VR drug, ALICE has recurrent relapses. The sect has localized them by the signal of VR glasses and is close on their heels. It comes to the showdown in front of the hut. They escape in the last second. Shattered, they return to the abandoned inn where the sect practices. TOM and ALICE can finally take revenge. But is everything as it seems, or is it just an illusion of the virtual world?