Режиссеры Lynn Baur

Сценаристы Felix Maximilian Poulheim / Lynn Baur

Продюсеры Philipp Haeberlin (Creative Producer)


Продолжительность 00:07:24

Страна Германия


Germany in the year 2032. The rightwing, populist party formed Germany into a totalitarian state. The most important aim is to build a society, loyal to the system. The leaders manipulate children inside state owned schools with their propaganda.Ten-year old protagonist LUISE plays Red Riding Hood in a school theatre performance. The performance is filmed and broadcasted by the ruling party. What starts as an innocent singing game soon turns into a cold-blooded spectacle with a fascinated audience. A real wolf is executed and Luise collapses under the consequences of the system’s propaganda.Conceiving that the system abused her daughter, Anna has to realize that Germany turned into a lawless state. She tries to rescue her daughter but loses her to the system.