Режиссёры Granitsin Stanislav

Сценаристы Cheshirko Yevgeniy



Продолжительность 00:16:00

Страна Казахстан


Our days. The blacksmith Vasily is trying to expel the annoying client from his workshop, and he is tormenting Vasily with stupid questions. When all the same, the blacksmith manages to remain alone in his beloved blacksmith, among the old, almost vintage instruments, the sounds of the hearth and the clang of iron, he hears strange sounds. A person who is difficult to scare with something goes to check who is indulging in it, but stumbles upon a woman in black clothes. Taking her for another strange client, Vasily shows with his whole appearance that he is not happy with the guest. In turn, the Woman begins to strangely move around the room with a request to sharpen her scythe. At some point, Vasily realizes that this is not a joke, and in front of him, there is a real Death with a scythe. During the dialogue, Vasily begins to understand, that he, like all mankind, constantly shifting responsibility for their actions to something mythical, not wanting to acknowledge all the cruelty and injustice of human existence. But Death puts everything in its place.