Режиссёры Muhammad Heri Fadli, Ramadiansyah Dwi Putra, Putri Setia Ningsih

Сценаристы Muhammad Heri fadli

Продюсеры Fakhri Hidayat, Kafin Maulana Rizal , Muhammad Raihan Taruna


Продолжительность 00:13:22

Страна Индонезия


That afternoon the weather looks cloudy. A young man, Zaky strolling around by his Vespa motorbike to fulfil his desire. Only accompany by sounds of the Vespa motorbike machine, that afternoon, he ride without exact direction and destiny. On the journey, he met the woman who he did not know while walked lonely. The woman is called Laura, a young woman who loved travelling and independent. She also seems like has many experiences. At the first meeting, Zaky iniatively asked for Laura who walked alone to travel together and ends by they ride along the way. At the end, they got touch the feeling each other.