Witch Doctrine

Режиссёры Bağdaş Küçük

Сценаристы Nazlı Olukman

Продюсеры Çağdaş Küçük


Продолжительность 00:04:46

Страна Турция


Seven-year-old Zeynep and her family live in a detached house. Zeynep calls the fairy-tale service by phone one evening as she always does. When Zeynep calls the fairy tale service, she comes across a story about witches. The sound of the phone depicting the witch affects Zeynep. Hearing that the witch has a black cloak, Zeynep is very afraid of a black cover hanging on a tree in their garden the next day and thinks the black cover is a witch. Zeynep is alone at home the day she meets the cloth. Zeynep, who tries various ways to get rid of the black veil, thinks that she can finally get rid of the veil with an idea that comes to her mind and takes action.