Eat (an allegory)

Режиссёры Lisa MacLean


Продюсеры Lisa MacLean

Жанр Experimental, environmental, video art

Продолжительность 00:07:54

Страна Канада


Eat (an allegory) began with a vision of travel through the bardo states, a series of Tibetan afterlives through which each soul will pass on their way to eventual reincarnation. Parts of the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, describe the besetting of the soul during this process by a cacophony of wrathful grotesque demonic hordes. The soul is urged not to turn tail and run but to face these demons and understand that they are simply karmic manifestations of his own actions. While the dead soul goes through successive bardo stages of consciousness in the progress towards liberation, we could also see existence on this earth for many as a bardo condition of suffering, wrenching cries, and ghastly images, a death zone for humans and animals alike, the latter snuffed into extinction at an unprecedented rate, which our capitalistic overlords have created. Eat (an allegory) visualises a bardo universe of consumption, creatures feasting on one another, that becomes increasingly absurd, cacophonous, and chaotic, an allegory of our increasingly deranged way of life.Eat (an allegory) combines layers of found footage, including digitised celluloid, and sound, to create an hallucinogenic meditation on life under late global capitalism.