Режиссёры Rustam Sadigli

Сценаристы Rustam Sadigli


Жанр Psychological, Melodram, Minimalism

Продолжительность 00:12:30

Страна Азербайджан


Jafar is a young man who lives with her 18-year-old sister. After his childhood car accident, his sister brought him up. His sister Zumrud, however, had financially supported Jafar, but in his most challenging psychological moments, she was away from him. Because of that, Jafar's character has developed into a bit of backwardness, incoherent and pessimistic. Albeit, Jafar is a stutterer, he wants to be a singer since childhood. Music is a substitute for him and it gives him the power to fight. Jafar is an incomplete person who can not find his role in life. Despite all the rumors, a person who makes an effort in order to become a performer, he decided to go to the Music Company for an interview. Despite having a fascinating voice, all people criticized his speech defects, as well as people who are in and out of his life. Jafar is facing these criticisms throughout his life. But it never runs out of struggle.Jafar's desire is unanimously met by the people. Jafar, who does not have any friends even on his own birthday, is a person who has been completely abused, miserable. It is the last moment when his perseverance was broken when the music company rejected his job offer. But in his dreams, in the depths of his soul and heart, the voice of his mother and his past motivates him to fight again. Even when Jafar reached the moment of suicide, he starts to fight again. He understands that music is his existence. Jafar understands that the person can not be a great performer in one day. To do this, you have to suffer a lot.