Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X)

Режиссёры Schahram Poursoudmand


Продюсеры Schahram Poursoudmand, Yoann Trellu

Жанр Experimental, Sci-Fi, Drama, Avant-garde, Science, Poetic, Visual, Sound, Music, abstract, philosophical, scientific, epic, minimal

Продолжительность 00:07:35

Страна Германия


Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X) is an abstract, poetic, visual sound drama. The visual, tonal union and view of transcendent embodiment. A symbiosis of micro-coded, floating light-dust particles, interconnected in cracked soundscapes, layered sound cells, residual impulses and dissecting short-time cuts in noise structures. A self-born symbiotic being - alive through dissolution and constant change in time - Metamorphoses -Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X) is transformation in the beauty of decay and nonexistence. In the change of sight and hearing, reality and the levels of being resonate. Form and formlessness become inseparable. The unknown emerges, moves, penetrates into the observer, into us - becomes conscious and existent - Inner perception is infinite -Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X) is a multi-layered light-image-sound-vision. An artistic position and poetic exploration of the perception of artificial light and the unknown in the incarnate - of selfhood in an eternally lasting word in silence.On the technical side, the music consists of several hundred audio tracks with thousands of individual sounds. The visual level is based on a self-developed software particle system. There are hundreds of thousands coded pixel points, cross-linked lines and inner networked connections. Micro-audio clips, multi-level, time-independent organic soundscapes and digital visual light codes.„Schmutziges Licht (LICHTPHON Art-Avant X)" is time, form, image, sound-transformation. A complex, poetic, scientific, philosophical video-sound composition. Abstract, filigree, powerful and subtle at the same time. A dramaturgical Opus and a French-German co-production by the experimental artists Schahram Poursoudmand (Composer, Music & Sound Artist, Visual Imagist, Poet / DE) and Yoann Trellu (Video & Visual Artist / FR ).Note:Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X) is created and produced to be played loud and projected in high quality. Please listen to it loud or via headphones....the night becomes the day - Light Overload - Schmutziges Licht (Dirty light) is artificial light. Excessive use of artificial light and its misuse (light pollution) on humans and the environment. Fatal consequences through the artificially constructed and manipulated lightening of the night by humans...