Режиссеры M. Kardinal


Продюсеры M. Kardinal


Продолжительность 00:04:57

Страна Германия


SILENCERS, usually known as Men In Black, are one of the most mysterious matter related to the conspiracy theories and plots. Probably one of the most real and concrete among them. Many versions about their identity have circulated during last 70 years, more or less reliable, and it’s not easy to make a picture briefly. “Their main purpose is to dissuade these individuals from continuing to accept further contacts. (…) A majority of all contactees become terrified by these tactics and do break contact. Those who are not frightened off are subjected to stepped up persecutions. (…) When the victim is released, he or she, suffers from amnesia and nausea and is often mentally confused for several days afterward.” John Keel