And Whither Then

Режиссёры Saad Ahmed Shaikh, Mohan Gadhve

Сценаристы Saad Ahmed Shaikh, Amey Musmade

Продюсеры Mohan Gadhve, Suresh Survase, Chandrakant Borude

Жанр Life, Journey, Self-discovery, Fiction

Продолжительность 00:09:06

Страна Индия


A story of the struggle of finding the right note in what you do, hindered by the inability to find the right note in what you are. What comes first, practice or being? Can one practise being alive and living?And Whither Then speaks of weaving our own efforts to make sense of what we do with our search for fulfilment. After all, what are we really looking for? Is it an escape, an acceptance? When we do find it, whither then?