the last destiny





Продолжительность 00:12:00

Страна Ирак


Synopsis of the film last destinyBy; the director and text- writer Kamaran MansurAs far as Iam concern I would like to denote to some points relating to violent and fundamental extremist attitudes in all ideologies and religions thus the holders of these concepts consider themselves superiors and others inferiors they treat them as slaves we in the film talk about this phenomena in Islam it is obvious as we have seen recently ISIS behavior after they attacked Kurdish people in shingal and western part of Kurdistan (Syria) they kidnapped a large number of Kurdish women specially in shingal those women have been mistreated by ISIS members (buying and selling them) as slaves and often been assulted sextually now some of those women have been released but no longer accept to go back to society because they feel ashamed simply because they have been raped and no longer virgins and that’s a disaster to humanity in this film the new generation of those criminal people (extremists) will discover the reality and the message of all ideologies and religions should serve humanity at that time even the sons of Islamic extremist leaders give up their fathers opinions they spend their time in night clubs dancing singing and playing musics vice versa to their ancestors that’s the theme of this film.