Quiet Farewell

Режиссёры Batuhan Kaplan

Сценаристы Batuhan Kaplan

Продюсеры Özkan Kaplan

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:20:00

Страна Турция


Zehra who is middle-aged is cancer. Knowing that she will die soon after her treatment is delayed, she comes to the tavern who is owned by her university friend Zeynep after 20 years. Zehra, Zeynep and Zehra's husband, Murat, are three close friends at the university. And we learn during the deep, philosophical and hard conversations where they remember their pasts that they are having problems each others for 20 years. Zehra makes a great self-sacrifice and instead of telling that she is going to die of cancer, saying that she's in love with another person in order to bring Zeynep and Murat back together. With the necklace she wears, Zehra makes her a heird of her life where she gives up her husband and children in a way. Eventually, life goes on one way or another.