Режиссёры Vitaly Shepelev

Сценаристы Evgeniy Pekach, Vitaly Shepelev

Продюсеры Anna Kaminskaya, Denis Glinsky, Alexander Maryagin


Продолжительность 00:12:22

Страна Россия


A three of glamorous characters, trying to get to a fashion show on time, is calling a taxicab with an autopilot navigation. The smart system is choosing the route away from the dangerous districts with criminal gangs. But there is a temptation to make the route shorter, and so the antagonists are in a tight corner: the wind screen is going to break under a head of metal bar and aggressive ragamuffins. What should they do, where to go and whom to call for help? Fortunately, the transport company provides a “spare.”