Режиссеры Anastasiya Denisova

Сценаристы Olga Savel’eva

Продюсеры Anna Tagirova


Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Россия


Olya's mom keeps everything for later. All the best, not forherself, put everything new on the shelf. Olya tries to retrain her mother. It is successless. Olga's daughter is given a beautiful doll for the holiday. The girl is only one and half years old - "she will break it," – Olga thinks, and puts the doll back for the better times. Only when her mother dies, and Olga comes to the mother’s apartment to grab staff, she realizes that she began to postpone life for tomorrow by herself. Olya breaks down and runs home. Just for giving the doll for daughter and break this circle for ever.