Режиссёры Camilo Supelano

Сценаристы Camilo Supelano

Продюсеры Gimena Herrera

Жанр Sci-fi

Продолжительность 00:03:10

Страна Колумбия


Bogotá is decorated around the clock with a bright landscape. A natural and artificial light show, a simple view, is impossible to contemplate. BOGOLIGHTS is the attempt to capture all viewers that a newspaper is visible and those who are, by light pollution, are impossible to enjoy, to join and see the fusion of both projections; all from the terrace of a building in the center of the city. All this, from the terrace of a building in the center of the city.The lights of nature have entered a rhythmic game with artificial ones. Both marked by a rhythm, giving a visual panorama, by the occupations and other obligations of the citizen of the city, have been ignored during all these years of social advance.It is known that the artificial spectrum prevents contemplation of the projection of stars and natural light phenomena in large capitals, but what about getting the 'lost light' and is coupled with what daily illuminates us in night life?