The Break

Режиссеры Madeleine Dallmeyer

Сценаристы Madeleine Dallmeyer

Продюсеры Birgit Schulz

Жанр Short, Children

Продолжительность 00:09:00

Страна Германия


Madeleine Dallmeyer from Berlin observes schoolchildren during break time. They play, run after one other, engage in hide and seek, imitate racing cars and climb on frames and trees. Sometimes together, sometimes alone, engrossed in a world of their own. A world where a tree becomes a jungle, a branch a climbing plant, where T-shirts glow mystically – all of a sudden, the children’s minds are a million miles away from school and everyday life. Break time becomes a world of imagination until the sound of the school bell summons them all back to reality. A short documentary film that aims to encourage refugee children to give free rein to their imagination, exploring it both on their own and together with other children.