Bilupto Thikanay - In The Extinct Address

Режиссёры Sayma Farzana

Сценаристы Munim Tarafdar

Продюсеры Sayma Farzana


Продолжительность 00:19:27

Страна Бангладеш


A lonely middle-aged busy city man gets a letter at almost every midnight. The letter is for some “Kamrul Islam” who is not known to this man. Hence this middle-aged man goes in quest of this Kamrul Islam to give him all the letters that belong to him. He search for Kamrul Islam in police station, in a office & also in his village . But nowhere he find him. Then the man returns his home in the city at midnight and another letter arrives again. At last he finds Kamrul Islam who is none other than the man himself. This lonely busy city man writes letters to himself. As the night gets darker, the man starts losing Kamrul again – starts losing his long lost self again...