Режиссёры Gaetano Del Mauro

Сценаристы Alfonso Tramontano Guerritore, Aldo Padovano , Federico Esposito

Продюсеры Aldo Padovano

Жанр Drama, Mafia, Politic, Food

Продолжительность 00:14:42

Страна Италия


"Tonino" is a short film dedicated to the memory of Antonio Esposito Ferraioli, chef and trade unionist CGIL killed by the Camorra on August 30, 1978 in Pagani, in the province of Salerno. Two shots of lupara wounded him to death in the house of his future wife. He was only 27 years old. His fault as a trade unionist was the refusal to cook rotten meat for the canteen of the Fatme, a large industrial plant in Pagani. In the factory he also fought to improve the working conditions of his fellow workers. The Camorra did not forgive him. To date, there are no convictions for either principals or the perpetrators of the Esposito Ferraioli murder.The short begins and ends on the scene of the murder. The story begins immediately after the execution. We are in 1978. It is the evening of the crime. Since then time has been suspended, again, in 2018. Forty years after the murder, his presence still lingers on the streets of the city. A light, impalpable presence. In the present, the trade unionist cook relives his story, through the stages of an ideal day that reconstructs his life. It is not a return. It is a permanence.