Режиссёры Mia Rosa Maschek

Сценаристы Mia Rosa Maschek

Продюсеры Mia Rosa Maschek


Продолжительность 00:02:55

Страна Австрия


is a short film that plays with expectation, perception and the self-evident.Almost stupefied, the eye of the beholder follows the contours of the body and succumbs to beauty. It lets itself be aspersed without thinking and is borne by a subtle trance. Like a caressing hand it glides over the body, anticipating what may follow. But a latent tension ensues, as the eye’s/hand’s expectations are never fully satisfied – recognisable parts of the body are playfully hinted at, but left undefined.This foggy condition is disrupted by a waterfall, that disrupts and crosses the colourful dream scape. This intensity causes even greater devotion and curiosity to explore what will follow. The beholder is abruptly expelled from passive consuming and confronted with his gaze, his looking. Being thus rudely awoken, the spectator is made aware of having been caught looking. The dream-like blurriness of the image, enables one  to drift with the movement, to submit to it. The movement becomes ever more intense, culminating in the navel, the only part of the body which is fully revealing itself in the entire film. We have arrived at the center of the body. Fade to black. So inconspicuous is the  visible bodily remnant of the origin of life itself.