Soul for Sale

Режиссёры Anna Belenkiy. Shira Salimi, Romy Granot

Сценаристы Anna Belenkiy, Shira Salimi

Продюсеры Shira Salimi

Жанр Thriller

Продолжительность 00:10:00

Страна Израиль


Yuli is a girl whose whole world is a suffocating cocoon of dense yarn that shecalls home. She and her cowering mother live there without the ability toleave, Yuli's life is dominated by her mother's madness. In a moment of angerYuli decides to leave her home thru a deep tunnel that is etched in the wall ofthe living room. There, at the end of the dark tunnel Yuli meets another worldtotally different from the world she knows.There, in the dark and coldness – Yuli is exposed to the internal mechanismof the sex industry's spectrum – from the ugliest and darkest side to thesurprisingly comforting and tender side.In the world of solicitation the boundaries between reality and fiction areblurred – turning each dream to reality and each reality to a nightmare.Within this cold and indifferent mechanism Yuli continues to search for humanwarmth and humor.This is the destiny the Yuli has chosen, but is it all that she dreamed about?