Режиссёры Iris Kysler, Guillermo Reggio Operti

Сценаристы Elio Watterville Muñoz

Продюсеры Iris Kysler, Saúl Tavío Martín, Sofía Álvarez Lavilla, Paula González García

Жанр Social, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Social networks

Продолжительность 00:17:43

Страна Испания


Marketinianos is a documentary that explains how internet and social media marketing works and what consequences it can have on our daily lives. This type of communication is a growing trend, and therefore, what is intended is to show the operation of marketing strategies and try to make users more aware of the use of new technologies. To do this, a marketing student from The Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, Ignacio M. Peña, will explain clearly and concisely how marketing works so that we can better understand this concept and know what our rights are regarding data collection and privacy online.