Жанр Indie, Drama, Folk, Thriller, Psychological, Mythical, Horror

Продолжительность 00:07:11

Страна Индия


Kaali is the embodiment of raw, unbridled feminine energy in Hindu mythology. She is the dark mother goddess who creates, preserves and destroys. She dwells in every woman, she rises for every woman. The annual Bharani festival in the state of Kerala in India pays obeisance to the supremacy of Kaali. Men and women dress as oracles and sing erotic, crude, obscene songs to propitiate the angry goddess. The singing of sexually explicit songs by women and the concept of the goddess as a woman who revels in erotica are a subversion of hegemonic conventions in a sexually-repressive society infamous for rape, female infanticide, spousal violence and dowry killing. In the fictional film Kaaliraathri, a mother and a son, who share a murky past, enter into an argument on the night of the festival. The mother suspects the woman in her married son’s bedroom to be a whore. The son doubts the mother’s sanity. The woman, Kaali, is mute. Gradually, the real, the imagined, the surreal and the mythical combine to create an atmosphere of horror. The horror is patriarchy.