A Prayer for the Childless

Режиссёры Sandeep Ravindranath

Сценаристы Sandeep Ravindranath

Продюсеры Sandeep Ravindranath, Tyler Hazard


Продолжительность 00:08:56

Страна Индия


A Prayer for the Childless is the story of Bhoomi - a woman struggling against the crippling stigma of childlessness in a conservative Indian society where status of women is defined by the idea of motherhood. Juxtaposing her devoted adherence to traditional and modern rituals, the narrative depicts her entrapment in the dutiful bondage of an Indian arranged marriage. Her faith is her only pillar of strength in a solitary struggle to conform with the societal pressures imposed upon her. But even that, might not amount to much.