Режиссёры Nishad Chaughule

Сценаристы Rebecca Usoro

Продюсеры Jake Katofsky

Жанр Drama, Sports, Period, Society

Продолжительность 00:19:12

Страна Соединенные Штаты


In 1810, in a private cellar in London, one of the most auspicious fights in boxing took place. It was a fight between TOM MOLINEAUX, a freed slave from America and TOM CRIBB, the reigning Champion of England. Whoever won this fight would be the indisputable Champion of the World. TOM lost the fight unjustly. Bill, a Black retired boxer and trainer, wants to get a rematch for his protege, Molineaux. Consumed by his obsession over the unjust and discriminatory outcome of the fight, Bill goes to Cribb’s trainer, PERCY, to negotiate another fight. But Percy is unwilling to take another chance since Cribb could lose this match. Bill spends the film trying to transform Molineaux into an English Gentleman and secure a rematch. The film is about their strange but endearing relationship.