usual to live unpredictable dawns

Режиссёры Irene Saccenti




Продолжительность 00:04:00



What’s more brief and salvific than a sunset?Our souls - swarming with energies, tensions, impulses. What is within us and determines us, invisible to others, we feel it. We perceive it. Each of our motions finds its origin in our souls and through our body it reaches its own form.This project aims to give souls a physical and sound body, making the eye able to grasp them and the ear to perceive them. The editing becomes a microscope that analyzes the movement from within and tries to capture it in its fleeting ephemeral. The decomposition of dynamics and their duplication are instruments to give the souls body life and the vibration of plucked strings with the tension synthesized fuse the whole and the parts in an instant of music that, somehow motionless, manages to dance.So, in the time of a sunset, two bodies improvise and their souls echo among their movements, their pauses, their breaths.