Hot Boy (2018)

Режиссёры Manuel Tozzi

Сценаристы Manuel Tozzi, Samuel Baum

Продюсеры Manuel Tozzi , Samuel Baum


Продолжительность 00:02:00

Страна Германия


’HotBoy’ is an experimental, 3d animated video inspired by the class "music video & visual music" which I had during my 3th semester at Animation University, BTK Berlin. Part of it’s concept is my theory thesis „glitch aesthetics as a product of irritability in a digital society“. The story shows literally the very moment a seeker finds his love in a thermal baths drain, shunned by a dark and crazy world. The video is a mysterious and gloomy journey into a misunderstood soul, a jump into it’s unfulfilled, sometimes childish, desires and dreams but also willed for self transformation and reflection. Beginning at the surface and slowly diving into… Art Direction & Music by Manuel TozziCharacter Design by Samuel Baum