MÜTTER - MOTHERS (dir. Köhler)

Режиссёры Lorenz Christian Kohler

Сценаристы Lorenz Christian Kohler

Продюсеры Lorenz Christian Kohler, Nanda Ben Chaabane

Жанр Drama, History, Refugee, Human, Ethno, Society, Women, Crime, Family

Продолжительность 00:08:57

Страна Германия


A female arabic refugee in immigration authority: She is begging to catch up with her children. They got separated. The responsible official tells her that his hands are tied. As the situation escalates the official throws the woman out of his office. A bit later, we see him, visiting his old mother. With her, we are traveling in her past – we will see what happened with her, 40 years ago in West-Berlin...The same situation, the same dialogues, the same office... The film is dealing with the tragedy of separation between children and mothers beyond cultural differences.