God's Will

Режиссёры Tanja Brzakovic

Сценаристы Tanja Brzakovic

Продюсеры Jelena Bosanac

Жанр Comedy, satire

Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Сербия


It is 2004. Formally, the wars in Yugoslavia ended four years ago, but numerous war criminals remain free from prosecution, hiding among the people of the splintered country. The population is divided between those who regard war criminals as national heroes, guardians of Serbian religion and tradition, and the majority who want to see the criminals punished for their deeds, as international law demands. The sisterhood of the Saint Nino monastery, surrounded by nature and imbued with faith and peace, lives an isolated existence, far away from the world and politics, but not far enough from human challenges and moral dilemmas.As four nuns set out from Saint Nino to collect berries, they are confronted by the greatest examination of their spiritual lives: they must decide what to do with the war criminal they find injured in the woods. Animosities, rivalry, but also friendship and love for one cat, will play a decisive part in sealing the criminal’s fate.